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Your Life is full of Challenges

Posted by Tim Clarke on Friday, April 19, 2019, In : LBT Spirit Blog 

Your life is full of challenges and without them your life would be dull

Consider that when you came into this life you were taking a job
To succeed in your new job you will need INITIATIVE to survive the challenges during your journey.

The more positive mental energy you possess is the fruit for success.  

Take a moment to recollect how you are progressing?.

Look at your daily experiences and view inward at your progress.

Give yourself a new task while you consider your emotional feeling...

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Sleep with your spirits

Posted by Tim Clarke on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, In : LBT Spirit Blog 
You can now sleep with your spirits if you dare
You and you alone may be more connected with your spirits
This opportunity is for you to experience the energy with someone you care about
 or would like to communicate with in the Psychic sitting room where we talk to spirit
Spend the night in the comfort of the sitting room
You may like to stay awake & take photos or record sound
A sitting is provided in the hope of a connection
There is no cost for the sitting
The total cost for the night is $300.
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