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Christmas in the Spirit World

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, December 3, 2017 Under: Christmas in the Spirit World

It is now, it is Christmas here and the Spirit World
We rarely think that our deceased have a role to play in our life at Christmas time

Step back in your thoughts and think of the times when together you spent 
the moment with the one who has parted
You are only a thought away from that special person, so at an important 
time like Christmas it is a great opportunity to connect and share with 
them the joy that you want to share.
Take the time to ramble down memory lane and see that one in their 
glory of the festive season, it could be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, 
family occasion, or something special.
Remember how they looked and what they were wearing, as this will 
generate your spiritual energy. 
They love to be part of your special occasion and they will enjoy your energy 
This Christmas my daughter Lisa in the Spirit World has joined our family 
and helped with our family Christmas shopping list, yes as much as it sounds 
 weird she has listed a gift for each person and I must buy on her behalf 
wrap and put under the Christmas tree 
I asked Lisa what present she would like, and that she selects a family 
member to open it on Christmas day and that person would keep the 
present on her behalf; Lisa said Perfume and her sister should open it 
You see’ if your departed person is special it is important to acknowledge 
their presence at this time as much as you did before they departed 
We are the ones who gauge’s time to identify our presence, and our dearly 
 departed don’t use time at all because it is the now, which we 
should try to understand. 
 Don’t worry about your neighbors or your friends & family who think you 
are nuts to think this way because their energy is cold, until death knocks 
on their door 
Don’t worry about the driver who thinks it’s not cool to use a signal when 
changing direction, as they will get the message when they have an 
accident, perhaps!  
In your mental thought it is important to share with the one in the spirit world, 
your personal love and recollection as it is the most positive way for you to 
be close and be at peace with yourself 
All the above which I have pointed out is Love, it is not the romantic love I mean, 
but that emotional caring like a respect and trust you have with your spiritual energy 
Also remember that prayer is a very strong way to connect with the spirit world,
but you must understand that prayer is not a weapon where you may think that 
by saying a chapter of prayer that it will give you a ticket to 
the spiritual world, God or Heaven 
When in prayer it is your emotional love to communicate with the universal 
energy of love & peace where our destiny of now is inevitable 
Love & Peace

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