Welcome to Lisa's Cleansing Energy

It is so important to understand the power of cleansing
It is also Important to understand healing power.
As so many people may ask the question, how
can I gain these powers
The first lesson to learn is to be kind and caring
with a good intention to provide without wanting
Remember that each day you succeed to survive without
mishap is a bonus in your quest for life
What is your life? not until you take a moment to value
the glory you possess is the truth realized.
Your mission in the psychic field to understand the
reality can be so distorted by the every day
events and friends with less understanding
You may need to accept that you will be distant with
friends who are afraid to accept what
they do not understand.
Your family may be distant with you because
it is not cool and not a comfort zone
Psychic artist ability has been popular
for so many years and as most psychics have
been cautious to reveal their power
There is a fine line between Psychic and Healer
which is fascinating.
To see the Psychic artist in process
take a look at this LINK
To See Lisa's Cleansing Energy  CLICK HERE
Lisa gave me instructions to cleanse her belongings
and my own belongings as well
So the mission began many years ago but I was
reluctant to give up what I treasured
In the past two weeks I plucked up the
courage and decided that spirit knows
better than I
So out the unwanted clothes and shoes also
all garments not been used within the
past two months
Office files in the bin and objects ornaments
and anything not regularly in use....In the bin
This is cleansing and creates greater energy
to communicate with spirit
The Lovely ladies, Suzan In the Earth plane
and Lisa who is now in the Spirit World

Love and peace

© Copyright LBT