Experience Death As You Do In Life

During your life there are many times you go through a flash moment of thought

There are times, which we would rather not recall but it may be difficult to repress.
So when you die would you take with you the memory of your experience?
When you have time to recall it is usually when you are in a meditating state of mind relaxation.
Try this exercise! to give yourself more enlightenment  and to  gaining more spiritual energy.
Remember that the more spiritual energy you have will give you better clarity and 

understanding of who you are and where you are in the existence of the present moment.
Relax for about 15 minutes from your daily routine, switch off TV and phone and 

anything that will distract you.
Give yourself the best location & comfortable position
This is your best opportunity to reach your spiritual higher self.
Let your mind replay through your life experiences in a slow motion fashion of

 what made you appreciate the moment
When you are passing over to the ether your spiritual home, you may experience this 

same encounter of love & peace
This is your transition from earthbound life to the spirit world
Some call it death where I regard it a transition to your highest self and

 some call it Heaven which can be here and the greater part

 of your existence Love & Peace

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