Lisa, Clarke
I found the note below after almost 19 years since Lisa parted
       Lisa departed on 12th of February 2004
      On 15th of February 2004 Lisa communicated with
  me while I was driving at Pheasants Nest NSW
I stopped my car and wrote what she was
saying to me
(She Said)    Yes I knew what I was doing
But it did not matter
There was no purpose in life
It had no purpose to be here
I did not want to be part of nothing
As I had so many ambitions
My friends were so meaningful but
They did not understand my pain
My inner feelings were so lonely
while reaching out
there was no one there
I could not reach my own reality  


               On the 3rd of December 2022 I was clearing out an old wallet of

           receipts and scraps of paper when I found Lisa's message,

(See Picture Above 

***True Story***
Wednesday 21th of December 2022,
I had a text message from a family member in UK
Describing a fall & fracturing
the pelvic bone.
On Thursday 22th of December 2022
I was having a medium
communication with the Spirit World the Spirit was Lisa
Lisa informed me about the accidental fall & that all would
be well but to keep contact with the person for moral support
I questioned if there was something which I could do to help,
Lisa replied no. just keep contact,
I then asked Lisa would she give a message
to boost the patients confidence,
Using a pen Lisa guided my hand
and wrote the message.
(Steven is with you)   
I forwarded this picture &
I got this response
Do Not Disturb Me With These Writings

                                                It is sad to say that some people cannot brave the reality 

More news as it comes in


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