Understanding grieving
When someone departs, how do we name the act
What are we left with?
To decease’ is the act of ending our life on the physical earth plane
Those who are left behind may suffer from sadness & sorrow
Sadness is a condition of sorrow for the deceased and for oneself
It is amazing how we burden our life with dependent liability.
Just reason for a moment, that a newborn depends on
love and care to survive, while
The carer plays the reversal role and so this will create a bonding,
Then later in life one deceases and leaves the other
to suffer the loss of being needed
Very often people suicide because of not being needed or rejection,
Call it sadness, sorrow, rejection, or what ever kind words you desire,
It is all in the melting pot of love and caring which is the result of bonding.
In life we will bond with others on a more casual basis and
Feel a great loss when they pass over, this situation is easier to
Accept than with your child or parent.
Prayer and meditation is a great help because in the spirit world
Your connection with the one you bonded with may help you to
Release their soul to their peaceful resting place r.i.p.
It is common for people to vent their opinion
that you will feel better as time passes, nice words meaningless!
Remember it is how you feel and what thoughts matter
to you which gives you the salvation of reasoning,
This is you  so let no one take it away 
There is no clock in the spirit world, so take your mindset to the
Reality of your moment in thoughts of the one who left you behind
To learn the lesson in your journey of life.
Think for a moment, what your choice would be of a head to match
The body of a person you have never met before now.
Remember the head is the black box of the body and the brain
Is the (hard drive) or soul of universal energy
And without it the body does not exist
 The simple question is: how is your brain programmed from birth.
The answer is with, what your parents were led to believe
Through culture and religion, fear and poverty, gender superiority
If you can manage people to believe, you can control them
It is better to say to a person who has lost someone to the spirit world
I am happy that you are sad because it shows
 that you care about someone you love
Grieving is important to alleviate the energy between who
Has passed over and the one left behind
Inspired by Lisa in the spirit world:
Tim Clarke  www.lbtspiritworld.com
This was signed by Lisa on the 13th of august 2021
You can see her signature and Lisa’s logo below
The squiggly lines on both sides represent tears and laughter

This Art work was presented

to Tim by Olga

from Picton NSW Australia

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