Its not what you know or don’t know,

It’s what you need to know

Pilot is Surrounded by Flying Saucers and Loses Control

A super strange flying experience with unidentified objects,

leaving him in fear of his life at Mexico.

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See the Sydney Map above for reported sightings

This is just a glimpse of structures which were impossible to be
moved by a primitive  civilization  thousands  of years ago.
The technology and expertise did not egoist, so who
were the experts.  Now is a long time late to think but it’s time to revive.    
As humans, we are led to believe and obey by leaders of our own species
To keep us in control, for power or monitory reason which they can rule.
Religion and wealth can destroy the people’s belief.
Long before our time of better reasoning there was a race of great
intelligence who are the superior consciousnesses of the universe.
 We are led to believe that it is God, or Allah or some other
faith to be the supreme ruler because of fear or inability to reason   

You may recall seeing a person totally distraught at the death of

 a friend or family member while blaming the higher entity 

like Allah or God, while the Psychic understanding will tell 

you that your friend has returned to the Ether or Heaven

Isn’t it nice to have a place to identify as a place to rest

much like Paris or London?    

How you are able to think may make that great difference in your life.

For example your car does not respond and you don’t have a clue

 how to make it go, you do not have enough 

intelligence to reason,  ”is it just a heap of junk?.

Yet someone else can make it go because they are superior.   

We are led to believe by our rulers that when you 

enter a contract with another person that you cannot break

 that contract, but must hold that person as a prisoner like an 

ownership, much the same as with children 

we act like owners & rulers because 

we have the desire to own & rule,

 Love & compassion takes a distant realization.   

We are the children of the universe to develop a greater

 understanding and to develop our intelligence by

 trial until we reach a higher frequency.

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 to a better understanding.

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See how Nuclear silos were disarmed by unknown energies