Don’t Forget the Fish

It was on 22 of December 2017 that Lyn & I were having a session with Lisa who is in the Spirit World.  It was during a quiet time I was connecting with Lisa and she agreed to write a message on two Christmas cards one for Belinda & one for Lyn, also I was to purchase two presents to wrap and place the cards and the presents under the Christmas tree. (See below is the card for Lyn)

During our session I requested Lisa to sign the cards, this she did and leave a Christmas message. When we were close to finishing I asked Lisa Is there anything she might like to tell us and she replied yes, she said “Don’t forget the Fish’, Lyn & I both said oh **** the fish is in the oven, Lyn had put fish in the oven & forgot about it but Lisa is aware of things we do around the  house.

Below is the card for Belinda It is amazing to experience this communication and inspiring.

 Used as a tool for spiritual studies automatic writing is one of the most powerful ways of bringing communication between the living and the departed to a close.  We are not alone