Ireland on the rise in 2012

But before that happens there is going to be a mass

 of public disenchantment with the Government

 There are going to be more home & business losses and

 the building industry will not recover this year

A huge outcry at the Government implementing changes much like a military

 regime will cause the Government to rethink their proposals as

 the public demonstrate their disapproval

There is going to be a big campaign by the people in the second quarter 

of the year, which will prove fruitful in the third quarter 

 There will be an influx of large businesses from Europe willing to set up business 

in Ireland but the Government will stall many projects

Tourism will make a very slow come back and operators may want to better

 promote their business away from the big marketers by forming 

their own co-operative marketing strategies. 

This means working together on

 pricing and service to boost their trade

United Kingdom

The UK is in a good position to demonstrate trade performance and will

perhaps take a page from the Irish marketing management groups

There is going to be a very big door closed on Immigration with new laws being

implemented and a scheme of perhaps giving 

immigrants a lump sum to leave the UK

There will be a new power head popping up in Government about July who 

will cop a lot of flak but will win a lot of support, which will grab the attention 

of leaders to allow change for the public of UK

New Government contracts will encourage the people 

of UK to take up trades of production

The UK will suffer harsh strategies from Europe but will be stronger for 

remaining firm, confidence from the people of UK will 

give further strength to the Government.

 There will be problems with the Euro Dollar where the shop in Rome 

with the One World Banking organization want Europe to be the new dollar

 bench mark for World Currency therefore no longer looking to the US to 

see what the Dollar is worth, I feel the wheels are already in motion 

or this change later this year or early 2013

The Olympics will generate a big volume of income but

 unless the government ministers excel and work harder with tourism 

operators the pound will not reach it’s potential

Airlines will have staff problems months before the Olympics 

and will cause a scare to operators

 Tourism in the UK will not gain strength this year unless the 

tourism minister is replaced by early June

Apart from the Olympic construction; the construction

 industry will slow down until later in the year but a bit late for Christmas 

2012 and will not make a recovery till May 2013      

 Entertainment will have an increase this year with more performances 

being presented on home ground and the music industry will have to put 

locked doors on their music from the internet to survive

 Huge winds may cause destruction to the West of UK and power disruptions

 many times, stocking the freezer with fresh food is not a good economical decision 

where purchasing a small gas burner stove would be more practical if 

you do not have an open fireplace

Insurance prices will raise and Council rates, vehicle insurance 

and taxation The cost to feed & provide for the baby will rise. 

Beer prices will rise

The everyday worker will need two jobs to 

survive for the next 12 months


There is a mole within the Abbot camp, and a 

Judas within the Labor party

Dreadful news will emerge about the Labor camp by

late May which will cause a panic for Gillard and stepping back from

 the problems she will end up deeper in trouble

 There is a new power head sticking up like a chicken making its way from

 a shell, there will be a f/male conflict within the Labor camp

Another power will emerge to deal with the immigration, which may be from

 former ministers of power but the process will flow over this year

There is someone high in the Government having 

a major health scare around July

There are more price rises for the people of Australia, which may 

stem from Councils, Farming producers, and the clothing industry

The building industry will be very slow where the major constructions

 excavations and infrastructure will grow.

The tourism market will be steady with Asian travellers & 

investors visiting QLD VIC & WA

Catering will have a steady growth with smaller 

business growing in more rural areas

The car industry will not have much stimulus in sales but there

 will be a new breed  of vehicles hitting the market later

 in the year that will improve sales late Nov, Dec.

The housing market will slow down till June, while August will see an

 improvement in sales but the construction of houses will slow down

 as more homes under Bank recovery increases which will flood that gap

There is more Aircraft problems looming with grounding

 possible for a few weeks

This gives me a rather doubtful feeling that it is not the

 fault of any particular  airline but rather an internal rift with

 competitors and Government changing rules.

Although there is more companies closing down, going to the wall or going

 offshore there will be a lot of people losing their jobs, while on the other 

hand the Government will be able to show that the job

 rate is improving, rather confusing.

More mothers will stay at home to care for their children

 because of rising child care cost and this may also reduce 

the crime rate & delinquent behaviour.

 More skilled positions will be available and young

 adults will be taking courses

Frost this winter will cause a problem with power 

use & transport movement.

Rail will increase their volume of industrial 

materials movement.

Less health provision for the elderly who will need

to trim the tree on living expenses

Education will be on the rise but the cost 

will cripple some households

 and cause conflict within the family structure 

while domestic violence will rise

Although there will be large number of Police

 recruits joining this year

 there will also be a large number of Police resigning 

for many reasons.

There is a Legal blow out looming “Oct Nov; this is something to

 do with criminal activity within the legal system or Government.

The gun violence will get worse late June and there will be a show 

down with some unknown gang

The growth of the economy is going to be on the

 shoulders of the Australian people


Sad news for returning soldiers who are not going to receive the 

welcoming assistance from the Government and there

 will be lots of resignations.

Unless there is another scare possibly from the Middle 

East Iran or Africa the soldiers will saturate the job market

 in the US and crime will blow out

The housing market is not going to get better at this time

 because of unemployment

 The economy on the other hand will have a cosmetic 

improvement and this  will continue till months before an election when 

major projects are shelved to the disappointment of the people

 A campaign is underway to unseat Obama and this is coming from 

the south there will be unrest in that state

Obama will strengthen his powers and make many 

changes ‘a case of sit down & shut up.

While back in the major cities everything is just cool and 

restaurants and entertainment will boom.

There will be a lot of people movement this year changing job location and

 house location as the market is changing developing structures. 

Products are going through a major change as new demands on products

 are implemented much like a new way of sorting and 

packing apples, it’s a big change. 20/01/2012  

Very often I am bombed with information, I will at times not take

 notice until an event occurs & I then recall and think

 why I did not write it down

It is harder to validate unless I record or keep a note of 

what I had grasped which at times will happen while

 driving or in the shower, but no matter because very often I may 

be wrong & yet when I am right I feel like kicking myself

This is the reason I am publishing this recent flush of

 information...right or wrong will not hurt.