Lisa Clarke

How to dispel your unfriendly family of friends

June 6, 2021
It's easy to scare off family and friends
That is the ones which are unable to reason with reality
To keep in with friends  & family the thinking is that go with the flow is the comfort place to be
You will not be criticized if you agree with the masses  
This of course means that if you start to realize that there is more to
existence than promoted by religion 
Step outside the circle of control and enjoy the freedom of truth
Do not be put off by hypocrites as they flock together
 Enjoy the freedom of the spirit world
Tim Clarke, Love & peace


Your Life is full of Challenges

April 19, 2019

Your life is full of challenges
and without them your life would be dull

Consider that when you came into this life you were taking a job
To succeed in your new job you will need INITIATIVE to survive 
the challenges during your journey.

The more positive mental energy you possess
 is the fruit for success. 

Take a moment to recollect how you are progressing?.

Look at your daily experiences and view
inward at your progress.

Give yourself a new task while you
 consider your emotional feelings...

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Christmas in the Spirit World

December 3, 2017

It is Christmas here and the Spirit World
We rarely think that our deceased
 have a role to play in our life
 at Christmas time

Step back in your thoughts and think of the times

when together you spent the moment with

 the one who has parted
You are only a thought away from that

special person, so at an important 
time like Christmas it is a great opportunity

 to connect and share with 
them the joy .
Take the time to ramble down memory

 lane and see that one in their 
glory of the festive...

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Sleep with your spirits

August 16, 2016
You can now sleep with your spirits if you dare
You and you alone may be more connected with your spirits
This opportunity is for you to experience the energy with someone you care about
 or would like to communicate with in the Psychic sitting room where we talk to spirit
Spend the night in the comfort of the sitting room
You may like to stay awake & take photos or record sound
A sitting is provided in the hope of a connection
There is no cost for the sitting
The total cost for the night is $300.

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Where do you think is Heaven

January 17, 2016

Is Heaven Here

Heaven should not be thought of as a place you’ll
ultimately arrive at once you leave this earthly existence.

Rather, it seems to me, that you’d want to
experience Heaven right here on Earth.

Earth itself is crammed with Heaven.
 But do you see Heaven in your daily life?

Do you feel as if you’re in a Heavenly world?
If the answer is no, then you’re out of balance.

You’ve probably made your physical world
the primary focus of your life, 
with little or no attention given to t...

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Spiritual Quantum Field

January 17, 2016

Does quantum mechanics predict the existence of a spiritual
"soul"? Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from
institutions such as Cambridge University, 
Princeton University, and the Max Planck Institute for
Physics in Munich claim that quantum mechanics predicts some version of
"life after death." They assert that a person may possess a body-soul
duality that is an extension of the wave-particle duality of subatomic
Wave-particle duality, a fundamental concept of quantum

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Green Amyitis

January 17, 2016



Green Amethyst Crystals are known as Prasiolite. They are green quartz crystals.

Prasiolite can also be spelled Praseolite, but this is less common.


Most green amethyst crystals will have been a purple colour at some point in their lifetime. This is due to green amethysts occurring from a heat transfer.

Most natural green amethysts were a purple amethyst, which were then heated by either volcanic activity or the natural h...

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Switch Off In Time

January 17, 2016

Do you know how to switch off

Today Tomorrow what is the difference?.

Every day we rise with expectation promise and commitment not realizing it

may be the last day we take on the task.

What is happening to our thinking? Are we on autopilot, under some invisible

control or are we being manipulated by some strange source.

When is it we recall where it all started, and when will we realize the reality of our purpose.

It is nice and easy to blame the Government, and the system also the

strange forces we...

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