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Christmas in the Spirit World

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, December 3, 2017, In : Christmas in the Spirit World 

It is Christmas here and the Spirit World
We rarely think that our deceased
 have a role to play in our life
 at Christmas time

Step back in your thoughts and think of the times

when together you spent the moment with

 the one who has parted
You are only a thought away from that

special person, so at an important 
time like Christmas it is a great opportunity

 to connect and share with 
them the joy .
Take the time to ramble down memory

 lane and see that one in their 
glory of the festive...

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Switch Off In Time

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, January 17, 2016, In : What do you think of time 

Do you know how to switch off

Today Tomorrow what is the difference?.

Every day we rise with expectation promise and commitment not realizing it

may be the last day we take on the task.

What is happening to our thinking? Are we on autopilot, under some invisible

control or are we being manipulated by some strange source.

When is it we recall where it all started, and when will we realize the reality of our purpose.

It is nice and easy to blame the Government, and the system also the

strange forces we...

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