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Your Life is full of Challenges

Posted by Tim Clarke on Friday, April 19, 2019 Under: LBT Spirit Blog

Your life is full of challenges
and without them your life would be dull

Consider that when you came into this life you were taking a job
To succeed in your new job you will need INITIATIVE to survive 
the challenges during your journey.

The more positive mental energy you possess
 is the fruit for success. 

Take a moment to recollect how you are progressing?.

Look at your daily experiences and view
inward at your progress.

Give yourself a new task while you
 consider your emotional feelings.

Take a step back to view your attitude
 when dealing with other people.

Always being right will not speed your success,
 as it is better to be nearly 
as good rather than better 

Do you reason to be kind to others 
and lending a hand without needing a reward? 

Your fulfillment of kindness will enhance your
spiritual energy 
 and everything you do
to express your kindness will give
 you points of pride in your spiritual journey.

Who ever you worship in faith will be your 
messenger who will deliver your prayer
to someone in need of emotional support

Remember your job when you came into this life,
your initiative to succeed needs to be refueled
with kindness for you to be the master of your destiny.
Being healthy and happy will supersede
 the need for greater desires.

Being DETACHED is an emotional anger which will
control your thinking and your ability to
 reason with your spiritual energy  
It is the negative weakness that drives you
 to fail in your journey to reach your higher self.
Take notice of the person pushing their child
in a pram while using a mobile

Look at the person walking their dog while
 using a mobile phone
Walking with friends while using
 a mobile phone
A person shopping while on a mobile phone 
A person driving a vehicle while using a mobile phone 
$274 & 3 demerit points

A person or people in company at a restaurant
 using a mobile phone

Even walking in a busy street using a mobile phone

Your communication with reality is
sadly being 

Remember your job when you came into this life,
it is now being detached by the use of
a mobile phone even in the home
you cannot go to the toilet without
 your mobile phone
and children are doing the same

In a spiritual understanding you are
not grounded and the reality of your
 daily life is sadly being diminished.

When someone close to you deceases,
you will have trouble coming to terms with
 reality because you are 


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