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Will my Mom turn into a bird

July 30, 2014

This is a fine article on the topic of spirits returning in disguise "by Hollister Rand"  

How Spirits Use Nature to Say Hello

 by Hollister Rand

 "A hummingbird came right up to my face, twit, twit, twit, and then pfft, took off.

'Mom,' I responded, 'you've got to talk more slowly;

I didn't understand anything you said!'"
This story was relayed to me during a 
recent session after I mentioned

that a mother in spirit would use hummingbirds to announce her presence.

 I was quick to explain to the sitter that her mother hasn't actually become a hummingbird!

  Her eyes opened wide and she seemed shocked.

"Don't spirits come as birds?" she asked. So I went on to explain.

 Loved ones in spirit are able to announce their presence by influencing avian and

animal behavior and providing opportunities for unusual interactions with the natural world.

 Family pets are particularly susceptible to the presence of the spirits.
While getting my 
hair cut the other day, my stylist mentioned that her dog was barking
that morning at a 
dried wreath of roses from her grandmother's funeral.

She was absolutely convinced that her dog was seeing her grandmother.

 When a woman named Carol came for a session, her son said, "I'm playing with Toby." I assumed that Toby

was his brother or a friend. Actually, Toby was his dog!

Carol told me that since her son died, his dog grabs a toy and runs back and forth in front of her son's bedroom.

 Winged creatures including birds, spirits easily influences dragonflies and butterflies as well.    

 During a session in a high-rise resort in Lake Tahoe, I mentioned to a woman that her husband
relayed to me that he would 
announce his presence spectacularly with hawks. "Absolutely," she agreed.
"Not a week goes by without a beautiful hawk flying 
by." No sooner had she said that then a hawk
 floated up past the 
window on an updraft. We were both stunned into silence. 

"Well then," I said, "I think that we can confidently assume that your husband is here."

 I'll never forget the time I mentioned to a wife whose husband had passed that he would use ants
to say "hello." "Oh, he's done 
that already . . . big time," she said. Yesterday morning I walked
into the kitchen and screamed when I saw a line of ants on the counter.
 When I looked closer I noticed that they were walking 
around a canister, creating the letter 'U' which
is the first letter 
of my husband's name." I can honestly say that this is only time I've heard of ants who can spell!

 The key to knowing when a loved one is using winged creatures (and, yes, ants) is that the behavior is
 unusual. Every time a 
butterfly flutters by, it doesn't necessarily mean that someone in spirit is saying "hello." However, if you're standing in Antarctica and a butterfly alights on your finger, let's just say that either a spirit is present, or climate change is really escalating.

 Whales, dolphins and other sea creatures will respond to spirit energy as well. "Your son tells me that he swam with you and the turtles," I said to a mother during a spirit circle. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "My son always loved turtles. When we had a memorial swim for him in Hawaii, the turtles swam with us. They wouldn't leave." She then pulled a turtle pendant from under her sweater, which is her daily reminder of that spectacular experience.

 Even flowers, plants and trees respond to the energy of the spirits.

"Your son is telling me that you will hear his voice in the trees,"

I mentioned to a grieving mother. (Immediately, I felt a bit ridiculous suggesting such a thing.) "I already have," she replied. "When I went camping with the family, I heard my son talking and laughing with the wind in the trees."

During a gallery style event, a favorite aunt in spirit got a laugh from her niece when she took credit for a houseplant finally blooming after years of being dormant.

 Even the stars in heaven can announce the presence of spirits.

At a barbecue, I was out on the deck with a friend whose wife had passed before her 40th birthday. "She was
 like a shooting star," 
I said, and at that moment, a shooting star lit up the sky. "Did you see that?" he
 asked me. "Sure did," I replied and we stood staring 
at the sky silently. Do I think that his wife created
 that shooting 
star? No, I do not. Do I think that she inspired us to speak about her just before the meteor
 entered the earth's atmosphere? Yes, I do.

 Loved ones in spirit aren't the turtles, the hawks, the hummingbirds or the shooting stars. They are, however,
willing to use any possible 
avenue of influence to let us know that they are with us and continue to love us
as they always have.



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January 6, 2013

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The power of thought is much greater than which we take the time to think

 Your question of the best way and how...

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