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Will my Mom turn into a bird

Posted by Tim Clarke on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, In : Questions & Answers 

This is a fine article on the topic of spirits returning in disguise "by Hollister Rand"  

How Spirits Use Nature to Say Hello

 by Hollister Rand

 "A hummingbird came right up to my face, twit, twit, twit, and then pfft, took off.

'Mom,' I responded, 'you've got to talk more slowly;

I didn't understand anything you said!'"
This story was relayed ...

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Danielle, Contact friends in the new life

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, January 6, 2013, In : Questions & Answers 

Response to Danielle's question

Dear Danielle,

It has been a mystery for many, as the progressive religions developed their influence on the masses. In pagan times there were many beliefs of life after death and reincarnation but it was then a simple understanding

When you put all the beliefs into the melting pot you will have done a full circle and arrive back at the reality

The power of thought is much greater than which we take the time to think

 Your question of the best way and how...

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Contacting the Dead

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, January 6, 2013, In : Questions & Answers 

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Share your story or ask a question

Posted by Tim Clarke on Friday, July 6, 2012, In : Questions & Answers 
We learn from each other and we learn from spirits we connect with
You may like a question answered Solve the mystery of the spirit world

There is no silly question, do not bottle up grief because it hurts till you understand
Your question will be submitted to a spirit & your question will be  answered by email as
 well as in this blog
Your privacy is respected

Please post your Question in the form below
In peace.
Tim...LBT Spirit World 

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