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Danielle, Contact friends in the new life

Posted by Tim Clarke on Sunday, January 6, 2013 Under: Questions & Answers

Response to Danielle's question

Dear Danielle,

It has been a mystery for many, as the progressive religions developed their influence on the masses. In pagan times there were many beliefs of life after death and reincarnation but it was then a simple understanding

When you put all the beliefs into the melting pot you will have done a full circle and arrive back at the reality

The power of thought is much greater than which we take the time to think

 Your question of the best way and how to contact the dead

To address your question, the first thought came to me is. There are no dead people but merely deceased people who lived the earthbound life

 The new life is when we decease this one and we are free from compromise.

How to make contact with someone in the new life is a similar way as in this life let me explain:

When you were born your parents created a bonding love with you and this is your energy source of love, you and your parents will always have this connection even if you or your parents turned out to be a rat bag nasty person till the end of this life

It is very often when after a passing that someone feels remorse and want to apologies for being a ragbag.

 Lack of communication is as much a destroyer as loneliness in our lives

On the other hand we can be very close and loving with someone until they pass over it can be the same as lack of communication & loneliness which causes a great sorrow

 The love created between two people (“note: this is not romantic love) is the bonding communication which you can relate to at any time, think of times you were together laughing and being happy…then at that same moment you will capture your friend in your thoughts like a playback movie, this is your important moment of connecting with your friend in the new life much like a dream you can ask questions and receive response while you are in that state of thought communication

Your favorite chat place having refreshment “dining table” “veranda” wherever you would normally talk about daily events “ the gossip place’ is the best location to reenact previous events while including your friend in the new life.

There is no special announcement or introduction needed no more than you did when your friend was with you in this life and your conversation words need only the same as always was

Buy a packet of white sage from the local Psychic or gem stone shop light it and walk through each room with it smoldering and repeat in your thought or speak openly to your friend welcoming to your home and to clear other spirits say please leave this house any uninvited spirits. This is cleansing.

Have a jotting pad by your bed and as soon as you wake write down any vivid dreams

Remember’ spirits will not hurt you because you have invited friends only

When you are at the gem stone shop spend about $5 on a Rose quarts stone of your choice…before you buy feel a few and get that relaxed sensation from it ‘ then have it in the area when you are cleansing and after that feel it in your hands when you are in a Psychic mood

Speak with many friends & inquire who is the best medium and beware of spending $$$ as there are many “want to be” pretenders willing to take your money

Read some good books to enlighten your thinking “recommended reading”

Anthony Grzelka Perth Aus,   Gordon Smith the Psychic barber,  Edinburgh

I hope this may be some help

Regards Tim. LBT

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