Fascinating it is when a spirit can make a drawing and write a message

It may be hard to believe for some but people with positive spiritual energy can

When a spirit wishes to contact they will through a medium and when we have a sitting  it is elating to

 see a persons face light up when the spirit performs an act of communication.

I have a giggle when I hear someone say "when your dead your dead'

This statement is so far from the truth 

After years of communicating with so many relatives who have progressed to the spirit

 world and information relayed back to me to validate really gives me the

 pleasure of knowing we are connected through love & peace  

 Below you will see some of the drawings pictures and designs by my daughter Lisa who is happy to be where she is. 

The first one is a non-stop drawing of Gerbera flowers for Bethaney "Lisa's niece. "Bethaney coloured in the picture" 


The picture above was drawn by my daughter Lisa      Below is what looks like a starfish which was designed with gemstones by Lisa

Below is a picture of an Orb on the move at the Queen Victoria Memorial home Picton
The bright light is a reflection from the camera, the streak of light is an orb which travels round the corner
Below is a drawing by Lisa on 10th October 2015 for our friends Patricia & Eddy Blakeney
Below is a picture of an airplane drew by Lisa on 10th of October 2015 for her Mum who
 was taking a flight in a few days & notice the X marking the seat position she will take, this was correct
The Malaysian MH 370 missing in the Indian Ocean, Lisa marked the position of the aircraft by two C marks  on the map to the left of Australia
The Malaysian authorities and the then Deputy prime minister of Australia did not respond to my invitation to provide the information