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The truth about Suicide

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Suicide the stigma name attached to a person’s own action to
depart from the earthbound life.
The stigma of suicide is prominent with hanging or overdose
 and jumping from tall structures
When firearms are used it is often involved the taking of other
lives before turning the firearm on themselves known as murder suicide.
There is more to understand rather than thinking that the victim
was running from this life I would like you to think and remember
“Loneliness”. Please take your thinking away from the macho
expected attitude and allow you’re thinking to imagine
 you are on a path in lovely countryside area with fresh air and sunshine
 all on your own. (This is meditating)
This is important for you to reason with your inner peace where your thinking
 is clear from polluted everyday lifestyle.
For this exercise I will use the name Tango that can be f/male
Tango may be in school or work place. employed, self employed, professional
or entertainment, parent, farmer, the list goes on.
Tango is well respected and has many friends while financially sound.
Tango accumulates a wellness in everyday life and progresses without
anyone noticing a day of difference
Little knowing is it that Tango is now more lonely than previous years
because of independence,
Tango has distanced from family & friends in pursuit of achievement

When Tango realizes there is more to life than work & fame,will try to
reach the friendships previously had only to realize there is nothing in
common and feels like a stranger. Where to go from here?
Tango retreats to the confinement of own reasoning, and withdraws
to a comfort zone of loneliness.
Feeling unwanted, not poplar with any purpose in life of rejection,
will think there is no point in being here; it is easy for Tango to end
the journey of life to a place of peace and no torment
The method of terminating does not really matter to
 Tango as it has only one purpose, is to release from this existence
 Consciousness is the power station of thought
The action’s of every moment is a conscious thought
Your emotion is a response to your consciousness
Slow down your thinking so you can reason with what you are processing
An example of this is to look at a person’s face and process
what you see, you may then reason with what you see and should your
thought be pleasing or negative you will store that information
and build a profile of that person & develop your social acceptance.

Your instinct is our alarm and is instant response when you are
in tune with your consciousness.
Suicide victims very often go against their instinct & give negative
friends chance after chance to be a better energy source
An accumulating negative energy is devastating to a positive energy
and causes the victim trauma, confusion & hate which can be
 the final trigger to depart this life.
Hate is huge in a depressed persons emotional state and appear
as negative demons and a driving force of despair “ with no where to escape;

The build up of hate is mainly created by the actions of other people
Institutions like the services and Police are a common target of negative
energy They are deprived of positive mental attitude; they are
controlled & manipulated into believing their importance is above everyone else.
The time span of this realization is around 15 to 40 years and when the reality
is realized it is a very big cross road for some who cannot find a way out
You are only good to an institution while you are responding to the strings being pulled 

2008 police suicides: 141

2009 police suicides: 143

2012 police suicides: 126 

Profile of suicide cases: Average age, 2012: 42   
Average yrs on job: 16
Once you've joined the military you quickly realize after
you leave that you've forgotten how to be a civilian.

Aaron Dugmore, nine, found hanged at Birmingham home by his
 mother Believed to be Britain’s second
youngest 'suicide' caused by bullying

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