Switch Off

Today tomorrow what is the difference?.

Every day we rise with expectation promise and commitment not

realizing it may be the last day we take on the task.


What is happening to our thinking? Are we on autopilot, under some invisible

control or are we being manipulated by some strange source.

When is it we recall where it all started, and when will we realize

the reality of our purpose.

It is nice and easy to blame the Government, and the system also the

strange forces we cannot recognize.

Are we lost in the zone of time expansion or have we lost the ability

to reason with a rational understanding of reality.

Think for a moment! Where you are now, and where you were five years ago,

try fifteen, twenty-five years ago…is there a difference in your life enhancement?

How many friends call you on the phone to say Hi...How many friends call

to your home to just drop in & have a coffee & a chat for 20 minutes.

Family members! where are they, how often do you see them.

Is it your ‘wealth’, ‘health’, ‘property’ or poverty, which has caused a

distant relationship with everyone?

What is going on and why is everything so different since twenty five years ago

Would you like the answer or would you like to ponder some realities?

Either way you need to know the answer if you agree to the paragraphs above

In my view there are a number of culprits responsible for this dreadful situation

  • The seed of greed
  • The speed of need
  • The selfish desires
  • The strive for what we are led to believe we need
  • The infiltration of other family’s way of life
  • The glory of progress
  • Allowing the influence of other people, business and establishments 
  • Permitting family to dictate spending power
  • Allowing habits just like any habit to be in charge
  • Taking every day in stride instead of steps  
 The simple conclusion is for you to reason with is how you think and to
 give more credit to the thoughts of your own reasoning

Most people will say I do not have enough time for most tasks and events of

every day while not realizing you do not own the time but are

in fact living on borrowed time every day without having signed a mortgage.

Yet we are willing to sign a mortgage with a financial intuition and burden

our every daytime to be a slave for the financial institution.

What is the real value of time?  If you were to use a little

of your time to heal all the above weakness is it possible to

break the twenty-five year cycle. Give it some thought.

Think for a moment: Put your finger on the switch and flick in time

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