You may make an appointment by email 

It is important to remember, you must not  be intoxicated

or under the influence of any substance or have any mental health condition 

which may impair your sound mind of thinking.

 Your session can be a lot of fun but it is not a big joke as we are

serious with the Spirit World and our love ones.

 We do not charge a fee you may like to make a donation.

 Who should book a sitting

 When someone passes over it may take months and years of trauma 

for someone who really cares and then there is the lingering sadness

and wishing that you could just say hello or ask a question.

Suicide and traffic accident victims especially; leave dearly loved ones

behind with questions of why, how, and  what happened.

If you are in question or you have a gut twisting sadness for someone 

you have lost then you must realize that connecting with the Spirit World is

what you need, so to open your energy sense to communication.

We are not fortune tellers and do not predict the future

We connect with the spirit world and it may be your family or friend who connects

we are delighted to be a psychic artist when the spirit wishes to show their talent 

A sitting is when you attend in the hope of making a connection

 it may take two or three tries to get a result & perhaps it's a spirits way 

of finding out if you are serious.

 If you are serious it will work for you.

If you treat this as a big joke then you are fooling yourself