Pictures of Orbs and Spirit drawings   FACEBOOK

are Fascinating as you will learn in time

Grief destroy people’s lives

  When we lose someone we can be confused and angry not

knowing what  we should do and how to cope with our loss.

  LBT is destined to enlighten and help you to

understand through your healing process.

 Loneliness is another devastating factor when

someone we love has parted

 When a spirits wants to make contact with you they

will most likely do so without you realizing they are trying

Generally a medium is anyone who communicates with the

spirit world, while a psychic obtains their information

from the energy  of the person they are reading 

There are many ways and aids to communicate with the spirit

world & a combination of these make it easier for a medium

  Results can never be guaranteed and no

promise is made for a connection

just like someone who promises to phone you"

will they keep their promise?

  I have abilities which started at the tender age of 4 to 5yrs.

 At that time I realized I could levitate and it was

then I noticed I could hear peoples thoughts while in conversation

  I was forecasting events & I used to think it was fun

My thoughts were often that I was perhaps guessing but

connecting with animals was like a dreaming sensation of thought,

My neighbor Mrs Fennan would

ask me to tell her when her animals were likely to have a

calf and most times my prediction was within a day or hours 

  My mother was a great companion with listening to my wild

notions as it would seem to be at that time,

There was no guidance to develop abilities in the older

days & usually only Gypsies messed around with that kind of thing.

  I remember the Gypsies calling to our house telling my mother

 to cross their hand with silver & tell your fortune.

Another one used to read tea cups

  Perhaps the fortune telling stigma was a deterrent also religion

played a major role in condemning anything outside the Church

  Take notice today the Medical profession are condemning natural

healing of many practices because of the Pharmaceutical control

To be a free spirit, to be healthy in mind & body you

need to develop your spiritual energy

which involves simple meditation

  Make that contact now with someone you

love on this side of the universe and stop hiding behind Facebook
  Healing, Power, Mind, Confidence, Spirit, Love, Peace Harmony, Trust

                                                               To see orbs:I have experimented in all kinds of conditions while taking pictures for                                                                example while it was raining misty in daylight darkness before &after people were jumping                                                      arund the room to create dust I operated a fan and used a Hoover to create fine particle of dust to

                                                                simulate orbs to capture the difference.I have used a spray bottle of water and also      

                                                         used a hand full of dust thrown in the air You will see that experiment in my picture gallery,

                                                                               You will see the dust, mist and the orbs; and you don't need to

                                                   be Albert Einstein to realize the difference