The Corona Virus

Early January I had predicted that there was a World crisis looming and in the coming weeks the feeling got more serious but I could not pin point what the danger was

I was aware that it was a huge concern to Governments and the World economy which would effect the rich and the poor likewise

It was February when I realized what the danger was

I consulted Lisa in March and she advised that it would last three months and that it was man made

While I am annoyed with the recurrence in my mind that the virus is an energy source like a magnet and is attracted to particular source of human malfunction

 I have the recurrence of a high figure religious person being shot but does not die from his injury

And that the 28th of May 2020 will have a symbolic reference 

That the 10th July 2020 will have a financial explanation to address  

     What does a virus look like ? 03/05/2

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