Psychic Artist: It is very pleasing to witness
 the power of psychic energy.
 My daughter Lisa was very passionate with her
 artistic ability when she was growing up
Lisa will do a drawing & writing at will
when communicating with us
 Lisa loves to draw flowers and will
also color in the drawing
See this example below 
It is fascinating and amazing how it works,
 remember that love is powerful 
If you really love someone who
 is in spirit world
Then you need to validate your
love with a connection

The picture above was drawn by Lisa
2 days before Belinda's birthday (Lisa's sister)
Lisa's consciousness was sharing
a thought of London when she said
My sister Belinda from Lisa in London
spirit world, I will be with you 26-9-15
Be happy, she drew a picture on the
right side of Big Ben & colored it in
She drew the party balloons 
      At the top a heart within a heart & a kiss, 
then to the left side LBT (our logo)
        Birthday time for Lisa's nephew Levi,
 his 7th birthday
Below you will see the Birthday card
for Levi which Lisa wrote her message
The last two pictures is of Lyn's
Mothers Day Card, Lisa wrote
"Love You XX" .
To see the Psychic artist
in action click this
For Lisa's cleansing Energy 

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